Apples and Caramel

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Well, we were too. We decided that trying to determine the right quantity of sugar and butter to generate caramel, simply wasn’t worth the headache. We tried buying the caramel cubes and metling them, but that a was a failure too. Plus, it’s difficult to try and figure out what kind of chocolate to buy.

Can you purchase tempered or untempered?

Do you buy light or dark?

After much anxiety and frustration, we gave up and decided to simply buy them from companies that specialize in gourmet caramel apples. We found several companies online that offer delicious granny smith apples loaded with fresh nuts and layered with unique types of chocolate that will make your taste buds go crazy. I order them for my friends, boss, and anybody I wish to create a fantastic impression. We get compliments often on selecting such a excellent gift idea, as it is a gift that everyone likes. We now have friends asking us when are we going to send them some more of these caramel apples, but rest assured Christmas is right around the corner and they will be getting more gourmet apples this season.

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