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It is no secret that Millennials are”beginning” life later than every generation . From beginning their careers, to moving from the home, to engagements and marriages; most of life’s important milestones are occurring well into their late 30s. How does this affect the process of shopping for an engagement ring?

Traditionally, man meets woman, falls in love with woman, asks for permission from her parents to propose, buys engagement ring, and asks her to marry him. With this forward thinking generation, a step was taken away from the traditional and towards a more involved approach. Since Millennials are of a more”mature” age, in comparison to the average age of engaged couples in the past, it can be said they know more of what they need and don’t want. Women are voicing the need to be involved in the process so that their upcoming fiancĂ© can’t get it wrong!

I’ve seen everything from a couple equally and joyously involved in the selection process together hand in hand excited about their potential, to some very opinionated lady on Facetime conferencing from work demanding what she wants as her passive boyfriend sits in our showroom prepared with credit card in hand. Now I am not here to pass judgment, but I will say this: this has to be a mutual decision that you’re both happy with. This new wave of couples choosing an engagement ring together warrants much discussion since it can either be very right or very wrong.

There’s room for compromise. You are the traditional type of man. You need to court her and surprise her with that magical moment big reveal. In case you have your heart set on having her watch the ring for the first time when you open that box there is a way to make you both happy. You and your beloved can make a list of all the things she would love to see inside her ring. Before you set out on your own, you can also go window-shopping. Have her point out a couple of ideal rings. This way she feels that she has been active in the process and had her voice heard. You’re happy because you aren’t flying blind and still get to stick to some tradition.

If the previous suggestion was not hitting the mark, possibly sharing in this moment together is the way to go. This could in reality bring you closer together. Venturing out to different jewelers to find the perfect ring as a couple can end up being another gorgeous memory in your love story. You can see her eyes light up with building excitement and anticipation as she chooses from the many options before her. She can watch the desire in your eyes, wanting this to be the beginning of your happily ever after together.

You specify what”ideal” is. There’s no right or wrong in this momentous event. Just the two of you can decide what is fantastic for you and keep it up. Forgive those with their own opinions. After all, in the end, it is going to be you and her writing the story of your lives together. Make sure it is one which you may wish to read over and over!

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